Networking with Upstart and sysvinit scripts

Christian Roessner c at
Mon Feb 6 18:30:03 UTC 2012

Hi :-)

>> I know, this might look like off-topic, but network configuration is part
>> of Upstart and if the basic configuration makes trouble, you will have
>> problems n the whole boot process.
> This really isn't part of upstart; it's part of ifupdown, which is unrelated
> (though integrated, on Ubuntu).  Upstart-using systems not derived from
> Debian are likely to use a completely different method of configuring
> network devices.
> Not to say we can't discuss it here, but I don't think the ifupdown
> maintainers are subscribed to this list, so this discussion is unlikely to
> result in any changes to ifupdown behavior.

I was not quite sure, if I might mention network problems here that came 
up with Upstart :-)

> Improving network stack reliability has been a major focus for the Ubuntu
> 12.04 LTS release, and I think users will be satisfied with the results.
> Again, these were not really upstart issues per se - there've been race
> conditions with boot-time networking ever since udev came around, it's just
> that boot was slow enough that users rarely ran into them.  Upstart just
> made the race windows much, much larger by speeding everything up.

I am really looking forward to 12.04, as of today we again had a 
customer, where NFS was not started and the whole network was hanging. 
And it is hard to explain that this is a problem in the boot process ;-) 
But I promised him, things will go better after April :-)

> Unfortunately these networking fixes have deep interdependencies with other
> changes to the core system since 10.04, so a backport is not likely.

I understand you, but 10-04 will be there up to 2015, right? And this is 
still a long time. If you would need testers for a backported fix, I am 
pretty sure, I can find admins that help you to really test that change. 
:-) Me included! :-)

And still I think that might be done in a PPA for example, so you do not 
need to worry about support or something like that, but you would 
stabilize the LTS release.

The main problem right now is to chose a good rock solid stable 
distribution. And we want Ubuntu :-) The problem with this LTS is that 
you really can not propse it to customers, if you need to fear the whole 
boot process :-( And it is still some time to wait for April. And even 
it is April, we always wait some weeks before most major bugs that come 
up after the final release are found and fixed. So in fact I am speaking 
from June or July.

So if Upstart could solve this by going later into runlevel 2, then some 
testers might check an update out. What do you think? I can not offer 
more than my (our) willing in deep testing and helping with giving 
feedback to you guys (And we know, you are doing great work!)

Thanks in advance and hopefully you do not get me wrong :-)

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