tony.chamberlain at tony.chamberlain at
Wed Jun 8 19:01:52 UTC 2011


I discovered my new Linux Mint installation is using 
Upstart (Version: 0.6.6-3).

I looked through documentation and did searches but could not find information
for this question which should be very simple I think.

When you do initctl list you get output like

   network-manager start/running, process 908
   portmap-boot stop/waiting

etc.  While it is somewhat descriptive I would like to find a list of all
the possible values and combinations (like stop/waiting, start/running, etc.)
and a short description of what each means.  My list lists a lot of entries
but I do not know if it lists every one (like maybe there are others
besides start/running and stop/waiting) or a simple explanation of what
it means.


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