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Fri Aug 13 01:58:14 BST 2010

Ok ... so I worked out that some of the applications in my scripts were not the same as those from Sourcemage and hence did nottake the same options (this is partially fixed now)
Assuming someone actually is reading any of this (as have had no replies), but I was wondering if someone can tell me how the"emits" lines in the Ubuntu scripts works??

For example, the mountall.conf upstart script lists some of the following lines:
emits virtual-filesystememits local-filesystemsemits mounted
To name a few. Yet there is no corresponding call to initctl emit <blah>
So my question is, how do the events get 'emitted'?
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Subject: RE: Using upstart on CLFS
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 06:50:10 +0000

Well I am hoping if I keep banging away here someone will assist or point me in the right direction :)
So I have taken the scripts below from an alternate install of a distro called Sourcemage, which boots just fine,and supplanted the scripts to my CLFS system.
Good or bad my machine bombs on the first 2 scripts to be lanuched: hostname and mountall
The boot screen stop at the following errors(showing last several lines):
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly on device 8:1.Freeing unused kernel memory: 400k freedFreeing unused kernel memory: 1588k freedhostname used greatest stack depth: 4440 bytes leftinit: hostname main process (757) terminated with status 1mount used greatest stack depth: 4248 bytes leftEXT2-fs (sda1): error: ext2_lookup: deleted inode referenced: 213133init: mountall main process (756) terminated with status 8
I have attached said scripts
Again any help would be greatly appreciated

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Subject: FW: Using upstart on LFS
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 09:38:05 +0000

So I have been battling with this for the last couple of days and was wondering if anyone would tell mewhat is the bare minimum of scripts required (to get to runlevel 3 equivalent on a base system) using Ubuntu scripts to boot a system?
I have been trying to use a combination of the following scripts:
Would I require more than this to get to a console login screen?
I feel I must be missing something as I am getting an init error in the mountall script and never progressing any further :(Unfortunately as I am unable to get very far in there also is not a great deal of logging for me to investigate to see where I am coming unstuck
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
I would also add, as per below, I have a fresh CLFS system with the exclusion of the System-V applications have not been installed.
PS. Let me know if I need to provide more detail for someone to assist me?

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Subject: RE: Using upstart on LFS
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 23:11:21 +0000

Hey Guys
Thanks for the feedback. I am just up to this now with my CLFS system. I have Ubuntu so have been using that as a guidebut still have a question regarding the replacement (or need for) the 3 rc*.conf scripts.
If I am never to use sysvinit or any of its files, do I a) still need them or b) have to replace them?
My main question here is about how each of these in the description say how they are for "System V ..."
Also, for example, the rcS.conf says:
# This task handles the old System V-style single-user mode.
So my question here would be, what handles the new single-user mode? It appears there are no other *.conffiles that are launched on runlevel S (or does that mean it is no longer required if not using System V?)
Sorry if I have missed the point within your posts :( I am just keen to start with a clean slate (ie no System V anywhere).
Look forward to hearing from someone :)

> Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 01:58:06 +0200
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> Subject: Re: Using upstart on LFS
>   On 07/19/2010 03:41 PM, Jeffrey Peckham wrote:
> > I tried doing something similar with an LFS build a few months ago. My 
> > tactic was to just go through all the init scripts provided by LFS and 
> > rewriting them as upstart jobs. Most of them can translate pretty 
> > cleanly but I started running into trouble figuring out a clean and 
> > flexible suite of networking jobs. I tried breaking out each layer of 
> > the OSI model, that applied, as a different set of jobs. Probably too 
> > esoteric and complex of a solution.
> >
> > This might just be a lack of good hard researching / understanding on 
> > my part but I feel like early network setup (pre-NetworkManager) is 
> > something ever distro does differently and there hasn't really been a 
> > good clean solution to define, manage and monitor it.
> >
> > Let me know what you come up with in that area.
> >
> > ~Jeff
> Well, the idea with upstart is to define requirements per conf file, and 
> let upstart do the rest.
> You do not have to find out yourself, on determine the requirements per 
> service.
> Stef
> (LFS/CLFS since years)
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