upstart configuration

Michael Biebl mbiebl at
Thu Nov 6 16:53:46 GMT 2008

If it is avoidable, I wouldn't use symlinks and avoid having to edit
the job files directly (more friendly to package management systems,
which check the checksum on upgrades).

I think the idea of profiles is very compelling.

Something along the lines

initctl enable|disable service [profile]

If profile is not explicitely mentioned, default is used. A profile is
nothing else then a state file (configuration file) which lists all
the enabled jobs.

There could be a default policy, if jobs are enabled or disabled by
default, or make disabled the default, so distros like Debian/Ubuntu,
which traditionally enable services after installation, add a "initctl
enable service" to it's postinst script.

The usage of different profiles would be and advanced feature. If
profiles can be selected only as parameter during boot or switched
while running could be discussed.

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