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Thu Nov 6 16:23:07 GMT 2008

We are running into some issues similar to what is being quoated.

1. enabling/disabling from startup.
  enable on <condition>
  disable on <condition>
Where <condition> takes a value the similar as a start on or stop on

2. startup conditions are driven by the state of other jobs instead of
their state transition events. Why? If a job that contains "start on
starting xyz" was added after xyz is already started it would have
already missed the job starting event from the job it depends on. And
have met its condition for starting.
    We would simply like to allow start on or stop on conditions to take
job state as a value. By allowing a keyword "in" before the name of the
    start on state starting JOB_NAME=XYZ

Where "state" simply means that we should be matching the state of job
XYZ instead of the event. The goal is met when the state of the source
of the event is in state "starting" as opposed to the event "starting"
Internal events generated by jobs automatically have a source which is
the JOB_NAME that generated the event.

To handle external events, can carry a START_STATE and END_STATE
environment variables, which carries the state transition of the source
of the event.  
And we could track the state of the source within upstart by a dummy
job(as a state) of the external source. 



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On Thu, 2008-11-06 at 15:35 +0100, Harald Hoyer wrote:

> in the process of migrating Fedora/Red Hat Linux to upstart I came 
> across several issues.
> With the current implementation I see the following problems:
> 	- the job description files are very static. Dependencies can
only be 
> added, modified, deleted by modifying this one job file (not package 
> friendly)
This is an ongoing discussion: what ideas do you have?

> 	- there is no dependency like "start me before service xyz"
start on starting syz

> 	- turning a job/service off requires removing the job file,
which may 
> be solved by symlinks?
Again an ongoing discussion: what ideas do you have?

Do you want to disable it from automatic starting, or prevent manual
starting as well?

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