Writing Upstart Jobs

J David Eisenberg jdavid.eisenberg at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:48:21 BST 2008

First, some background: I am teaching a Linux system admin course at a
local community college. One of the assignments has been to add a new
startup script, and I have been teaching the old sysvinit method.
Because Ubuntu doesn't support the LSB "INIT INFO" block, I had moved
away from it. I am planning to use Kubuntu next semester, and instead
of having people write init.d scripts, I would like them to write
Upstart job definitions, or convert some existing init.d scripts to

For an init script like /etc/init.d/networking, the INIT INFO block
says that mountkernfs, ifupdown, and $local_fs must all be started
before this script can start.  Can the "start on" clause in a job
definition specify multiple events AND'ed together, or can you only
have OR'ed events by using multiple "start on" clauses?

If someone has rewritten a typical init.d script as an upstart job
definition, such an example posted on the wiki or on the upstart web
site would be incredibly useful.

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