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Saravanan Shanmugham (sarvi) sarvi at
Thu Jun 26 18:41:52 BST 2008

I am working on generating some documentation for the Upstart and for
the contents of the job file I would like to use the comments within the
code to generate documentation.
I notice the following style for comments.
 * stanza_chdir:
 * @class: job class being parsed,
 * @stanza: stanza found,
 * @file: file or string to parse,
 * @len: length of @file,
 * @pos: offset within @file,
 * @lineno: line number.
 * Parse a chdir stanza from @file, extracting a single argument
 * containing a directory name.
 * Returns: zero on success, negative value on error.
Does this style conform to some document generation tool/format? 
If it already does not, and a choice for this has not been made would
Doxygen work for the rest of the team.
I do not plan on modifying or organizing the comments all around the
code. For the most part only those relting to the public interface.
  1. Upstart D-Bus Objects
  2. stanza_* in parse.job.c
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