LTP - Include upstart whitebox / blackbox testing API's?

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Thu Jun 26 13:26:34 BST 2008

Hello LTP gurus (and upstart gurus),
      As I mentioned before on the upstart-devel list, one of the
goals of the groups that I'm working with is to bring upstart -- the
init replacement -- to Cisco's Linux based platform for process
monitoring and management. As part of that we (my teammates and I)
were thinking of including whitebox and blackbox tests with LTP (Linux
test project) to try and unify testing of critical Linux components,
and also provide deterministic output also with greater visibility in
the testing community.
      LTP has a number of whitebox and blackbox tests in place [3],
most of the whitebox tests being C API's and the blackbox tests being
shell invocations of Unix commands, as well as a well-defined set of
test reporting API's and functions already in place.
      So, my question is two-fold:
      1. Would the upstart project be willing to work with LTP (via my
team as a proxy in the beginning) to enter some unit test code and
other test cases into LTP's test framework / overall testsuite, and
improve acceptance in the Linux testing community?
      2. Would either group be willing to work with my team to help
maintain these testcases and develop new ones?

PS. Sorry for the cross-posting ; I try not to do this, but
considering that both groups can benefit from the discussion I wanted
to involve both.

1. LTP -- Linux test project:
2. Upstart -- init(1) replacement:
3. LTP cvsweb -- (see docs for
relevant documentation items, lib/ltp for test lib API's, and
testcases/commands for existing Linux command blackbox tests).

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