Upstart Client Library

Saravanan Shanmugham (sarvi) sarvi at
Thu Jun 12 21:38:02 BST 2008

If the D-Bus protocol library is independent of the larger D-Bus
component, this seems reasonable.

The question I would have is how big is the minimal sub-set of D-Bus
that is needed to talk to Upstart?  And is that piece of D-Bus usable
available independent of the rest. 

In other words, if I am interested only using Upstart in my platform,
what is the minimal baggage I have to bring from D-Bus and is it
available as such?


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>Saravanan Shanmugham (sarvi):
>> This sounds like Upstart is proposing a hard dependendency on D-Bus.
>It proposes a hard dependency on the d-bus library and protocol.
>(There needs to be *some* way of talking to init ... and the 
>d-bus protocol seems to be reasonably sane for doing this kind 
>of thing)
>It does not propose a hard dependency on the system d-bus daemon.
>(That'd make no sense, as init needs to be controllable 
>without any system services running; conversely, you might 
>want to start dbus from the boot ramdisk before switching to 
>the "real" init daemon.)
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