Effect of using "native" jobs on boot time?

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Fri Oct 19 14:13:59 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-10-19 at 12:33 +0200, Mildred wrote:

> Personally I replaced init completely with upstart some months ago. And
> I gained nothing in boot speed. Is was almost the same, or slower. I
> can't say.
Depending on what set of scripts you had before, and which you
converted, this doesn't surprise me.  Simply converting scripts to
Upstart jobs won't gain you anything, since there's only so fast you can
fork() and exec() a series of monolithic tasks in sequence.

True speed improvements come when you *rethink* the boot sequence; start
from scratch without referring to original scripts.  Identify what you
actually need to do?

> But I wasn't looking for quicker boot, just more flexibility. For
> example I thought that I could start CUPS when I connect a printer, and
> not if I don't ... things like that. But I couldn't do that so I came
> back to my old init.
Why couldn't you do that?

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
Had strange things happen?  Are you going round the twist?
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