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Fri Nov 30 06:44:47 GMT 2007

Op donderdag 29-11-2007 om 20:41 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Rob
Ubuntu Linux:
> It emulates the Red Hat script, so that could be a good solution on
> distroi's without a better tool to manage them.

Fortunately Debian & Ubuntu already have several tools to do that (as
that manpage says), it's just that 'update-rc.d' is *not* that
tool...  ;)

But I'm always surprised why so many people (including some Debian
developers, long-time Debian admins and book-writers) think
'update-rc.d' is the tool they need, while its man-page and other
documentation includes such clear warnings against it.

Jan Claeys

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