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Thu Nov 29 20:41:15 GMT 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 7:15 PM, Jan Claeys <lists at> wrote:
> Op donderdag 29-11-2007 om 13:48 uur [tijdzone +0300], schreef Kir
> Kolyshkin:
> > 1. symlinks are probably ugly, but they do their work fine, and given
> > the tool such as update-rc.d [...] you don't have to manually do ln -s
> > anymore.
> Excerpt from 'man update-rc.d':
>         Please note that this program was designed for  use  in  package  main‐
>         tainer  scripts and, accordingly, has only the very limited functional‐
>         ity required by such scripts.  System administrators are not encouraged
>         to  use  update-rc.d  to  manage runlevels.  They should edit the links
>         directly or use runlevel editors such as sysv-rc-conf and bum  instead.

ESR posted a chkconfig bash script in the
archives here

It emulates the Red Hat script, so that could be a good solution on
distroi's without a better tool to manage them.

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