How do I change tmpfs default size?

Anders Häggström hagge.ubuntu at
Tue May 29 12:00:48 BST 2007

2007/5/29, Mildred <ml.mildred593 at>:
> Le Sun 27/05/2007 à 19:12 Anders Häggström à écrit:
> > Hello, I don't know exactly where to post this question so I try here.
> > If I'm wrong, please correct me.
> If you don't get any answer it's probably because here we don't talk
> about tmpfs. It's all about upstart, the init replacement system.
> Maybe you can try the ubuntu forums.
> Mildred
I got response on ubuntu-users list. Thanks anyway.

I'm new to the list so I don't know exactly where to post to get the
best help just yet.
And I'm also still in the process of converting from SysV/init to
Upstart. There is a lot to learn and a lot of confusion as many parts
still run the ordinary init-way.
If you want to help please don't point me to the upstart-frontpage. At
first, the frontpage is not helpful, and second, I have been reading
the wiki for some days now but I still don't understand Upstart very
well. If you (or anyone reading) know of a howto or alike that
describes the step to build my own profiles and populate them as I
want, I would be helpful. Learning by doing is the best way to learn,
at least for me.

// Anders

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