Specify machine name on reboot/halt/shutdown

Dr. David Alan Gilbert ubuntu at treblig.org
Sun May 27 21:44:20 BST 2007

 After having rebooted the wrong box in my time and having seen other
people done it as well I thought it was about time that reboot, halt,
and shutdown had a little protection added; the patch I include here
adds an option to let you specify the hostname of the machine you
believe you are shutting down; e.g.

# halt -m davros
halt: The hostname you gave 'davros', does not match the system hostname: 'gallifrey'

I also add the (more controversial) requirement that you specify
the -m/--host if you are calling the command from a terminal
but I let you override this with --nohostcheck ; this needs adding to
the /etc/init.d/halt script and a few others in the same directory.

The patch is attached to the following bug in launchpad:


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