How do I change the booting order of services?

Anders Häggström hagge.ubuntu at
Tue May 29 01:03:05 BST 2007

2007/5/28, Thilo Six <T.Six at>:
> HTH Thilo
> --

Thaks, that URL gave me some information, but not as much as I'm searchng for.
I further looked into /etc/event.d/rc-default and found that script
only search /etc/inittab for the standard "id:?:initdefault:"-line and
pick the default runlevel from there. If the file is not found it
defaults to 2.
So, my answer to this question is: just change the default runlevel
the way we normally used to. =)

I haven't found "the correct way" to change bootorder for the services
in upstart yet thou.

// Anders

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