Specify machine name on reboot/halt/shutdown

martin f krafft madduck at debian.org
Mon May 28 09:25:26 BST 2007

also sprach Dr. David Alan Gilbert <ubuntu at treblig.org> [2007.05.28.0028 +0200]:
> While ssh is probably the commonest way of making this mistake,
> these days there are lots more ways of doing the same thing:
>    * KVMs (although c-a-d normally are the source of pain there)
>    * VNC
>    * IP connected KVMs
>    * remote X sessions
>    * Management consoles for large systems
>    * serial consoles.
>    * virtual machine consoles

I thus suggest to extend molly-guard with a simple configuration
file in /etc/default and a debconf question to allow the user to
choose whether to *always* protect the commands, or only when
they're run over SSH.

Patches welcome! :)

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