[ANNOUNCE] upstart 0.3.8 released

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Sun Mar 11 19:13:06 GMT 2007

This release fixes a couple of major bugs that were found in the 0.3.7

0.3.8  2007-03-11  "I had a little drink about an hour ago"

  * Fix an assertion error that occurred whenever a stop event for an
    instance job was emitted.

  * Correct a bug where calling "stop" from a job without arguments
    would stop the running job, and attempt to block until it was
    stopped.  This can obviously never happen since it won't stop until
    stop unblocks.

  * Add "version" and "log-priority" commands to initctl.

The tarball can be found here:


For more information on upstart:


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