0.3.2 cfg_visitor() definition consistency problem

Liu Bin binnliu at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 04:24:05 GMT 2007

In init/cfgfile.c, function cfg_visitor() is defined with 3 parameters. When
passed to nih_dir_walk() as a parameter in cfg_watch_dir(), it is casted to
NihFileVisitor, which is defined with 4 parameters in nih/file.h.

cfg_visitor() is called eventually in nih_dir_walk_visit() by always passing
"/etc/event.d" as the 2nd parameter, instead of passing
"/etc/event.d/<jobname>", in the simplified case - event.d has no
subdirectories. Therefore, it cannot create the job list - jobs.

I guess this is the reason why I cannot make upstart 0.3.2 run on my box. I
will hack this little bit to see if it is true.

FYI, inotify is not supported on my box.
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