Fedora and Debug messages

Roland Wolters wolters.liste at gmx.net
Sat Apr 28 17:28:54 BST 2007


I tried to start upstart on Fedora, and as you can see in the wiki [1], it was 
successful. However, there are still many problems left, and of course no 
services have been ported yet.

Therefore I have two questions:
First: How do I log the debug messages? My first basic test system started 
with upstart, but my second, more complicated test system fails somehow, but 
the debug messages vanish when tty1 comes up, therefore I cannot read them. 
Is there any way to log the debug messages to a file? If yes, how?

Second: If I write an upstart replacement for a regular init start script: how 
do I make sure that the new upstart-init file and the regular init file won't 
be executed both? Do I have to delete the init-start scipt? This would be a 
bit difficult since I sometimes need the regular init system if I screw up 

So far about that, I would appreciate any help :)


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