Including batteries

Mark Rosenstand mark at
Wed Sep 20 18:57:30 BST 2006


First, I'm extremely enlightened that someone finally sat down and dared
question the whole sysvinit/crond/atd/[...] mess that we've all gotten
used to. I haven't been this excited since the introduction of devfs :)

Anyway, I really want to play with this new toy, but it seems the
batteries (common event.d entries) are currently only available as
distro value-adds, which means I'm out of luck since my distro doesn't
package upstart.

Now, to be honest, my intention is to package upstart myself, and I've
had a look at the Ubuntu diff.gz to get an idea of what it takes.
However I'd much prefer to have the common event.d things available
within the upstream tarball (and patch/add to suit my distro) over
duplicating all the configs and maintain them externally - and I suspect
other packagers would too, thus boosting upstart adoption :)

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