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Sat Sep 2 15:58:40 BST 2006

also sprach Scott James Remnant <scott at> [2006.09.02.1644 +0200]:
> Yes, without doing that there was no way we could replace init
> properly. It's only a split binary package, it still comes from
> the sysvinit source.,

Bug filed. I'll blame you if they flame me. :)

(CC forthcoming to this list)

> You'll still need the -compat package, as that contains the
> /etc/event.d scripts to run the existing rc scripts!  You'll also
> need divert runlevel and telinit so that the compat versions will
> be installed instead.

Let's see if Debian follows the example and splits sysvutils. If
they don't, I don't know whether I have the energy to support
upstart in Debian, unless you and I come up with a better model of
development. Running after Ubuntu is certainly not within my

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