[ANNOUNCE] upstart 0.3.0 released

Scott James Remnant scott at netsplit.com
Tue Oct 17 19:36:47 BST 2006

Here's a release to kick off the process of further development; the
next several releases can include big changes and shouldn't be deployed
but is perfect for considering deploying in the next release of your

Many of the changes will be those we've discussed in the last month or
two, especially concerning events and job states.

I've also registered a milestone so that we can target bugs or
specifications to it:

If there's anything in particular you want to see in the 0.3 series,
then now's the time to make sure it's filed somewhere.  File a bug or
specification, and begin discussion on this list.

0.3.0  2006-10-17

 * Reverted logd behaviour from previous version, it's up to the
   init scripts to send messages to the console if they wish.

 * Compatibility programs must now be explicitly enabled by using
   ./configure --enable-compat=sysv

 * "shutdown" and "reboot" are now considered System V compatibility
   programs, as they emulate the behaviour of those.  Dropped some
   added options to make them fit.

 * All programs given improved --help text.

 * "initctl" rewritten, any sub-command can be run directly by
   making it a symlink to "initctl" itself.

 * "start", "stop" and "status" are now just symlinks to "initctl";
   not a separate binary.

The tarball can be found here:


For more information on upstart:


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