A few more questions about Upstart

Alex Smith alex at alex-smith.me.uk
Thu Nov 2 17:17:06 GMT 2006

Johan Kiviniemi wrote:
> A splash program that listens to upstart events might record the list of
> received events from each startup, and use the list of events from the
> previous startup to determine the percentage of the "current" startup's
> completion in order to draw a progress bar. Of course that would be
> quite fuzzy, but it might even work well.

Yes, this was an idea I had.

> It wouldn't be a very big problem if the progress bar only went to 95%
> or stayed at 100% for a few seconds on the next bootup after removing or
> adding software, would it?

Not at all, I don't really think it would be noticed anyway.

> That still leaves the problem of determining a point where the system's
> fully "started". If gdm is installed, it starting would be quite
> obvious. If not, perhaps choose getty?

Yes. Bootchart does something similar, it runs until either gdm, kdm, 
xdm or getty is started.

> Another idea would be making a certain job explicitly send an
> "interactive-system" event.

But which job? ;-)

> </braindump>


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