A few more questions about Upstart

Sean Russell upstart at ser1.net
Thu Nov 2 17:15:42 GMT 2006

On Thursday 02 November 2006 11:50, Johan Kiviniemi wrote:
> That still leaves the problem of determining a point where the
> system's fully "started". If gdm is installed, it starting would be
> quite obvious. If not, perhaps choose getty?

That's a good idea; really, the system is "started" enough when the user 
is presented with a login prompt, either via X or getty.  At the very 
least, that's when the boot splash should be exited.

If the boot splash doesn't show a progress bar, but rather a list of 
services which are starting, then there's no real issue.  The real 
problem is determining the answer to the question: "how much longer 
until I can log in?"

--- SER

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