[Bug 28632] Gnucash fails to load after guile upgrade

Matt MacLeod mmacleod at ieee.org
Thu Jan 19 21:39:31 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

I've been keeping track of -5 and -6 at


-5 was only built for powerpc, whereas -6 was built for several
architectures, but not i386. I'm reluctant to harass upstream because a)
I know he's very harried and there's a lot of pressure on Gnucash
development from all sides and b) I'm not actually a Debian user. If I
find time this weekend I'm going to look into generating it from source.

Thanks for the link to the bug policy, Mr. Zimmerman. I was the one who
asked slightly more politely for a link to it. It should definitely be
made more easy to find, especially as there don't seem to be very good
restrictions on who can change what in Malone as of yet.

As per:

Major: A bug which fulfills one of the following criteria:
    * Has a severe impact on a small portion of Ubuntu users (estimated)
    * Has a moderate impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users (estimated)

I'm going to change this back to major. As a small portion of Ubuntu
users cannot manage or even view their finances, which is certainly a
severe impact.

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