[Bug 42269] Re: [SRU] Does not create a tray icon

StefanPotyra sistpoty at stud.uni-erlangen.de
Sun Dec 24 13:51:16 UTC 2006


the feisty version doesn't appear to be fixed yet, please upload a fix
to feisty first.

I'm also a little bit concerned to replace the upstream tarball for
edgy. I've been looking at jdong's source package, but FWIW this fix
won't work, since we cannot have an upstream tarball with the same
version and a different md5sum than the older one.

I see two possibilities to fix edgy though:
1) make a new orig-tarball with a newer upstream version (e.g. That should however be aligned to a fix for feisty.
2) fixing the issue by replacing the broken png's during build (e.g. with uuencoded pngs or supplying xpm's and converting them to png).

I'd strongly advise to take route 2), but I'd also like to hear other
opinions about this.


[SRU] Does not create a tray icon

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