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Charline Poirier charline.poirier at canonical.com
Wed May 2 00:10:47 UTC 2012


We still have a few openings for the design theater, if some of you 
would like to bring some of design  issues you have with your software.

To remind you about the Design Theater.

*What's the Design Theater? *

The Design Theater ('Theater' as in 'surgery theater') is a format by 
which the Canonical Design Team provide advice and support to community 
developers to make their app/software shine! We do not perform :)

*How does it work?*

The Design Theater has 2 categories of participants:  developers who 
come to the Theater seeking design advice and who are ready and willing 
to present the design issues they have encountered; and spectators who 
just want watch and learn about design thinking and problem solving.

Developers who seek design advice present their app or software for 5 
mins and the designers walk everyone through the steps of design 
thinking and problem solving to come with useful directions or next 
steps for the software.

*What do you need to do?*

/If you seek advice/ for a specific app or piece of software, you need 
to send me a link or screenshot and brief description of the problem you 
have identified*  as soon as possible*.  You  will also need to gather a 
profile of your target users and what you know of the context in which 
your software will be used (not for the initial email but for the 
presentation of your software at the Theater).  We can only dedicate 15 
mins per participants.  Your description and presentation of your users 
should be short (5-8 mins) because we want to be able to work with a few 
community people during the short time we have at UDS.  Note that the 
allocation of these times may change according to how many people send 
us requests.  But you will be dedicated a minimum of 15 minutes during 
the Theater.

/If you are an observer/, you just need to show up!

*When is it taking place?*

So far, we have tentatively scheduled the sessions over 3 days:

Monday, May 7 - 14:00 - 15:00
Tuesday, May 8   - 15:00 - 16:00
Wednesday, May 9 - 15:00 - 16:00

*How can you help us*?

It would be very useful if you could send us your design issue in 
advance of the sessions.  With them in hand, we can coordinate the 
sessions and organise them better - by theme or complementary design 
issues.  This way, the sessions can be better targeted.

I will be sending you more information - confirmation of dates and a 
preview of what we will be covering during the individual sessions - 
after we received some of the materials and as it comes closer to UDS.

Hope to see you in the sessions and meanwhile let me know if you have 


Charline.poirier at canonical.com

Charline Poirier
Acting Head of Design
Canonical Ltd.

Office: 00 44 207 630 2491
21-24 Millbank | Floor 27 Millbank Tower | London | SW1P 4QP

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