[Ubuntu-ZW] Kubuntu 10.10 - so far

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 09:49:12 BST 2010

For the reasons of KDE4 very rapid development I decided to go 10.10 the 
moment it was released. Here some notes of my feelings/experience so far:

1. Yep, KDE is getting better and better... from a "vision" in early 
KDE4 versions to a stable but improving 4.5

2. USB modems are better recognized than in 10.04 that was much WORSE 
than 9.10 . Now both my Econet and my Powertel works, in 10.04 the 
Econet was a nightmare (not only the quality of the service...)

3. The KDE network manager can see and set up the PowerTel but not the 
Econet (it sees it but can not connect). wvdial still rules... KPPP 
seems to be "abandonware", has not worked proper since 9.10. Wish 
someone would make a "Kwvdial" gui

4. Kernel issues - on my laptop with Intel iCore5 I repeatedly got
  584.710912] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: MCP power or thermal limit exceeded
in dmesg and kernel log. I suspect that also was what made hibernation 
malfunction (another thing that did not work in 10.04)
Kernel upgrade to vanilla kernel v2.6.36-rc7-maverick sorted both problems

All in all I am much happer than I was with 10.04 that I actually sort 
of considered a downgrade from 9.10. Due to hardware compatibility 
issues I HAD to use 10.04, otherwise I would have skipped it actually. 
LTS or not.

Thanks to the local repos installing, upgrading and configuring is a 
breeze as we have a ZOL line to the office.


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