[Ubuntu-ZW] New linux distro to checkout

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 06:04:25 GMT 2010

You could try and simply add kubuntu-desktop by
sudo aptitude (or apt-get) kubuntu-desktop
I suspect it will replace the mint network app with knetworkmanager though
then there is an app I can not remember (check on kde-apps.org) that 
sorts out the menu afterwards so all gnome-specific stuff ends up in a 
separate menu
Be sure to backup first...

there is a way to install "pure" kde environment, not kubuntu, but I can 
not remember or find it right now


On 25/11/2010 09:18, Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
> Hey Guys...
> I firmly believe in giving credit, where credit is due.. and i'd like to
> introduce a new linux distro to everyone...
> its called linux mint. mint is based on ubuntu, and if you havent tried
> it.. PLEASE DO because its AWESOME.
> this distro is designed to be more user friendly and complete that the
> basic ubuntu.. it has new menus.. and
> a much easier interface. it also has all the codecs, media players and
> browser plugins pre-installed.
> best of all, you can still connect to our local ubuntu repository and do
> updates!
> give this a go if you find ubuntu to be too finicky...
> you can grab the install image from here:
> http://archive.ubuntu.org.zw/ubuntu/iso/linux_mint/
> the basic install uses gnome, however, im still figuring out if i can
> get kde to run on it...
> there is a kde version of mint, but its based an older version of kde
> and is extremely buggy.
> a few of us have tried out mint.. and we think it kicks ubuntus butt
> kalpesh.

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