[Ubuntu-ZW] New linux distro to checkout

Kalpesh Thaker luminary06 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 07:18:37 GMT 2010

Hey Guys...

I firmly believe in giving credit, where credit is due.. and i'd like to
introduce a new linux distro to everyone...
its called linux mint. mint is based on ubuntu, and if you havent tried it..
PLEASE DO because its AWESOME.

this distro is designed to be more user friendly and complete that the basic
ubuntu.. it has new menus.. and
a much easier interface. it also has all the codecs, media players and
browser plugins pre-installed.

best of all, you can still connect to our local ubuntu repository and do

give this a go if you find ubuntu to be too finicky...

you can grab the install image from here:


the basic install uses gnome, however, im still figuring out if i can get
kde to run on it...
there is a kde version of mint, but its based an older version of kde and is
extremely buggy.

a few of us have tried out mint.. and we think it kicks ubuntus butt

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