[Ubuntu-ZW] Can someone please help me fix problem with ATI Radeon HD 4570 graphics card

Gyron Mkwebo gyron at powerspeed.co.zw
Thu Feb 18 07:59:59 GMT 2010


Thanks a lot Kalpesh. I'll collect the lappy from Donald and see how it
pans out. You are absolutely right about the laptop not coming out of
standby mode, i observed that too. The fan starts going into overdrive
and the machine still remains locked-up.
On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 08:58 +0200, Kalpesh Thaker wrote:
> Hi,
> I have managed to load ubuntu 9.10 on a ATI 4570 gpu based laptop
> previously without any issues...
> However, i think that the lockups could be related to the drivers that
> control other hardware functions 
> within the laptop itself.
> Alot of modern laptops have issues with ACPI in ubuntu. My laptop for
> example has a problem where, 
> it refuses to come out of standby mode..and i have to hard reset it to
> get back into the OS (this is a known
> issue with my laptop north bridge chipset) and sometimes if the
> screensaver is running and i move the 
> mouse, the LCD brightness and wireless LAN stop working!
> I dont think your problem is related to ATI drivers.... because even
> when you updated them..it still had the same issue.
> Rather i think this could be related to other hardware
> incompatibilities. 
> You may want to try the following in this order:
> 1 - Search for the problem, to verify if it is a known issue on
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/
> 2 - Update your laptop BIOS to the latest version - Check the ASUS
> website for an updated system BIOS for your laptop model...
> manufacturers often release these system updates to correct all sorts
> of hardware issues. 
> 3 - After checking/updating your BIOS, re-install ubuntu, and then
> immediately connect to the local repository and install
> all available ubuntu updates. (http://www.ubuntu.org.zw/node/6)
> If your issue still persists after following those steps, i recommend
> submitting an ubuntu bug report, as it may be a specific issue with
> the model
> of laptop you have..
> Have a look at the following pages for information on submitting a bug
> report:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs
> regards
> kalpesh.
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 8:10 AM, Gyron Mkwebo <gyron at powerspeed.co.zw>
> wrote:
>         hie
>         I recently purchased an Asus X61s laptop, with intel duo core
>         (2.1Ghz),
>         4Gig RAM, 320G harddrive and an ATI Radeon hd 4570 graphics
>         card with
>         512Mb ram. I tried to install my favourite OS, Ubuntu (9.10),
>         everything
>         going fine, until i booted into my fresh install, anticipating
>         as smooth
>         a ride as i always get, only to have frequent and random
>         hard-lockups!
>         The lockups are so bad that i can hardly do anything useful
>         with it.
>         I googled (using my other machine of course, this one would
>         freeze the
>         moment firefox gets going) and found out that ubuntu 9.10 has
>         issues
>         with the specific card on my machine. I downloaded and
>         installed the
>         proprietary driver from the ATI website, which seemed to have
>         solved the
>         problem, only to get hardlockups again! I tried different
>         suggestions
>         from the web, like booting with the noapic option in grub, but
>         still the
>         problem persisted. It got worse when i started booting into
>         the black
>         screen of death, just from the blue!
>         I did a fresh install of ubuntu and tried to run a full upgde,
>         hoping
>         that Ubuntu could have effected a fix for my problem, but
>         then, the
>         machine freezes in the middle of the update! Is there anyone
>         who has
>         managed to solve this problem with the radeon graphics card,
>         or is the
>         problem from some other source other than the card? What can i
>         do to
>         work around this problem coz i cant get myself to use the
>         Windows vista
>         the computer came with (i don't like windows at all)?

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