Ubuntu-zw Digest, Vol 29, Issue 1

Neil Coetzer neil at ubuntu.org.zw
Wed Oct 7 08:20:56 BST 2009

On 10/7/09, rumbi gadhu <rumbiles at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is it just me or does everyone get this digest at least 24hrs too late, e.g
> the notice of the meeting?

Hi Rumbi,

That's the problem with digests unfortunately - you don't get the mail
immediately. We will try to ensure that reminders are sent out
earlier, but we usually do it only a few days before the meeting to
make sure that it's fresh in people's minds. We normally do also have
notification of the next meeting near the top-left of our web site
(http://www.ubuntu.org.zw). Alternatively, you could choose to receive
mail immediately rather than wait for the digest.


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