Configuring Postfix in Ubuntu 8.10 Server

Tafadzwa Kashora tafadzwakashora7 at
Wed Apr 8 15:39:02 BST 2009

I am an Ubuntu newbie and have been asked to configure Postfix as a
mail server, for a University setup!! What is the best  way to go
about this? My knowledge of mail servers is limited to Groupwise 7.0
as this is the only mail server I have used.

I have heard of Squirrel Mail, how does it compare to Groupwise and
how do i link it to Postfix? Are there better OSS than Squirrel Mail,
Kalpish mentioned Exim, dont know much about it? I am going to run the
Ubuntu 8.10 server in Vmware Workstation or Virtualbox!!

What I  want to know as well, is what is the next step after i type
sudo apt-get install postfix?

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