Ubuntu in A Networked Environment

Mr. R. Simango simangor at gmail.com
Fri May 16 12:37:04 BST 2008

Hie Guys

My other experience is that the Ubuntu project can succeed
resoundingly and best in a networked environment. Nothing enriches
more than sharing experiences and challenges. And for the rural
communities Ubuntu is just ideal because of the low cost of ownership.

Generally how are rural communities networked. with no telephone
lines, no electricity in most cases, computers running on solar, all
we have are schools, kids and communities sadly in very remote places.

Often the terrain, distances and natural resources demand a certain
type of connectivity, satellite or wireless radios. Satellite becomes
costly for the communities BUT the choice of a wireless solution
should be smart also. Radio Technologies that use cheap resources are
required here, right??. Radios that operate in the ISM bands are more
appropriate, because there are no charges for use of frequencies, ITU
standard. Sadly, use of the ISM band is banned in Zimbabwe. Any other
radio solution would be costly in the long term. But its crucial
really to Network the Ubuntu community or is it??

Suggested solutions include lobbying someone to lift the ban on the
use of the ISM whilst they watch their fears, or ??//??  And  guys
like Mr. Ganyani from www.parlzim.org.zw in this forum could give a
good guide on how this can best be done.

There is an invisible, inaudible and huge Ubuntu and Open source
family in Binga. We can all hear from them if they are networked using
a sustainable solutions.

Join us at http://www.mulonga.net/forum/index.php?board=14.0  to
discuss your suggestions.

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