Organisation of Developers of Training Materials

Mr. R. Simango simangor at
Fri May 16 12:13:27 BST 2008

Going through a lot of communication that circulated whilst I was out,
I noticed that there are a couple of questions I need to respond to
urgently. How do I plan to organize and coordinate CBT developers??

As you can see from, I felt that
developers could be organized into groups that work on specific
modules. Hence 7 groups one for each OICDL module. Each group would
then have a group coordinater who would act also as contact person for
the group.

I felt having groups at every development stage brings future
sustainability, if one coordinator decides to retire then someone from
the group could easily take over.

Maybe a group would require more than one active person, BUT I also
felt that more than one could create confusion that can divide the
groups at future stages.
Unless if coordination rules are put on the ground.

As main coordinator of the OICDL CBTs, I didn't want to hold many
coordination strings in my hands, hence the creation of other
coordinators at different levels. I thought this would eliminate the
natural coordination risks brought about by long absence, death,
sickness etc.

Please tell me if this answers the question, how Richard plans to
coordinate the whole OpenICDL project.

Im around ladies and gentleman.

Richard Simango
Technical and Operations Manager
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