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Thanks Neil for your comments. See why we want you to Lead the Team!! Swift to respond, brilliant ideas, convincing suggestions. Wish I could rig the vote.

Jonathan, please consider the request for the Hard Drive seriously. I think it would be in the best interest of Logical Solutions to consider helping  in these early stages of this project which I see grow very fast in the next few months. Whoever embraces this concept we are building (not trying to build) stands to win in the true win-win spirit.
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  Hi Jonathan,

  Thanks for the introduction. That is definitely good news! As a company, Halsteds for one would be very interested in pre-loaded Ubuntu machines, although I'm pushing more for brandname machines and trying to steer away from clones. One of the long-term plans of Ubuntu Zim is to establish a list of local Ubuntu-friendly hardware suppliers. 

  One of the biggest issues non-technical users face when switching to any Linux distro, is hardware drivers. What we would be aiming for eventually is hardware suppliers who can do all the necessary homework, and tell a client straight away that the machine is 100% Linux/Ubuntu compatible. For example, when looking at wireless adapters, it is currently up to the client to determine if Linux drivers are available, which in most cases they don't do. They then get the adapter and struggle to get it working. Or they buy a new PC and suddenly discover that their graphics adapter doesn't handle desktop effects. If in the long run, suppliers were willing to do all the background checks to ensure that hardware is compatible, I'm sure Ubuntu Zim would be happy to endorse them (hence a win-win situation). Obviously at this point there are relatively few people who would take Linux over Windoze, simply because they don't know enough about it, but that's one of the things we're hoping to change :)

  As you might have gathered from the discussions on this list, we're still looking for a minimum of a 500Gb IDE hard drive for the repo mirror. I have spoken to Virtual Computers and they would consider "chipping in" if other suppliers could also help out. Would there be any hope of assistance from Logical Solutions?


  On Tue, 2008-05-06 at 09:42 +0200, jonathan wrote: 
Hello all names Jonathan Hopley and I work for Logical Solutions.I have 
managed to persuade our company to sell some machines with open office 
when machine comes with no software.Hopefully will sometime will be able 
to convince them at some stage to sell ubuntu on clone machines.My 
knowledge is basic with ubuntu but whatever I learn am willing to share 
to help grow ubuntu in zim.Thanks to kalpesh at Yoafrica we now have a 
mirror for ubuntu downloads.

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