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Thu May 1 22:08:25 BST 2008

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for the introduction and thanks for signing up as a Team Member!
Great to see more enthusiasm pouring in. You are quite right in saying
that things have been pretty "dead" so far and it would be great to see
a lot more activity on the mailing list, forum and wiki site. 

I definitely like the idea of meeting up on a regular basis too.


On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 16:48 +0200, ronald munjoma wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Ronald Munjoma, an IT & Business Solutions Consultant with
> Act Business Solutions, an IT & Business Consultancy firm based in
> Harare.
> I am currently running Ubuntu 8.04 Hard Heron, Desktop Edition, just
> upgraded from Gusty Gibbon (7.10)
> I have experience with Suse Enterprise Desktop 10.2 (I once had a
> working relationship with Novel Zimbabwe), RedHat 7 up to 9 on the
> Desktop and Server. I have also played with Fedora Core, Knoppix &
> Yellow Dog Linux on a Power Book.
> I am a member of the Harare Linux User Group (HLUG) and Zimbabwe Open
> Software Society (ZOSS). I was actively involded in organising and
> running the Linux Expo some two years ago as part of IT Africa. I have
> also succesfuly organised and run a Suse Install Fest, with Novel
> Zimbabwe.
> I am interested in Commercial Enterprise Open Source solutions,
> OrangeHRM, Adaptive Planing, Project Open, Banana Pos and many more.
> I am more than willing to take part in bringing Ubuntu to Zimabwe and
> make it a distro of choice both on Server and Desktop side. I also
> have iso images of Hard Heron, 32 Bit, both the Live and Alternate CD.
> I have noted with concern that our mailing list and forums are
> "dead" (the biggest challenge at HLUG and ZOSS), lets start to
> generate some buzz and communicate using the lists, wiki and build a
> strong community, once we have a critical mass will then start weekly,
> bi-weekly or monthly meeting and presentations. I am interested in
> running a Hard Heron instalfest, does anyone have space with enough
> power points, tables, chairs that we can use? I will take some time to
> make changes and contributions to the team wiki site.
> If you will like to make telephone contact, please use the office land
> line: 04 852 807/9, I am not mobile at the moment.
> Regards
> Ronald Munjoma
> "Bring back the fun into computing. Use Ubuntu Linux''
> -- 
> Ronald Munjoma
> IT & Business Consultant
> Act Business Solutions
> ronaldm at
> Cell: +263 11 632 444 
> Tel: +263 4  852 807-9
> Fax: +263 4 882 475
> Adaptive Planning
> Adaptive Planning Enterprise Edition V 4.0
> Budgeting, Forecasting  & Reporting Made Easy
> Ubuntu
> linux for human beings
> -- 
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