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Neil Coetzer ncoetzer at
Thu Apr 24 21:01:28 BST 2008

Dear All,

Just a reminder that Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) is now available and
can be downloaded from I have requested CDs for the LoCo
Team to be used for the promotion of Ubuntu in Zim. Please remember
though, that you can request CDs for free and they will be shipped to
you - doing this would help ensure that we use the "bulk" shipment for
promotion to non-Ubuntu users, rather than for existing Ubuntu users. To
request CDs you will first need to create a launchpad account. If anyone
requires assistance creating an account or requesting a free CD, please
feel free to contact me.

We have received word that the repository server for Zim is almost
ready! Huge thanks to the guys at Yo!Africa for sponsoring this and for
hosting the repos for free, and thanks also to ENet for setting it up.
We will keep everyone informed as to the progress.

After discussions with a number users, it has been decided that it might
be beneficial to users if notes, tips and tricks were sent out on the
mailing list every now and then. Please let me know your thoughts on
this, particularly what info would be useful to you and how often should
such mails be sent out? Monthly? Weekly? We would also be thrilled to
hear testimonials of how Ubuntu is being used by you (or by your
company/organisation) so if you've got a story to tell, please go ahead!


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