[ubuntu-za] Necessary to cover Ubuntu laptop webcam?

Leon Gert Marincowitz lmarincowitz at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 05:17:44 UTC 2016

Hi Ubuntu Friends

In the last few months it came out that FBI director Comey and FB's
Zuckerberg cover their laptop webcam's.

Immediately I thought this was because they ran Windows or a Mac.

But let me ask 2 questions;

   1. Is it necessary to cover your Ubuntu laptop's webcam?
   2. Is there a difference between a laptop preinstalled with Ubuntu or
   loaded after wiping Windows etc?


Kind Regards

Leon G. Marincowitz
*Thinker, Doer, Entrepreneur*

*Think like a Man of Action, Act like a Man of Thought - Henry Bergson*
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