[ubuntu-za] Failed e-mails

Jan Greeff jan at verslank.net
Wed Apr 20 05:27:16 UTC 2016

I have been unable to activate the VBox file sharing facility, the 
prescribed commands do not seem to work, however, I did manage to trace 
the reason for my failed e-mails: the size of the mailbox at my 
web-based email facility was too small to accommodate my attachment.

On 19/04/2016 09:42, Jan Greeff wrote:
> Many thanks Xandor, a more direct way would certainly be better all 
> round, I will follow your instructions and hope for the best. Will 
> revert.
> Kind regards,
> Jan
> On 19/04/2016 09:20, Xandor Schiefer wrote:
>> Hash: SHA256
>> Hi Jan,
>> This is a case of a workaround/hack for your actual problem no longer
>> working (using emails to transfer files to a VM). If it were me, I'd
>> re-examine the original issue (how to transfer files to a VM).
>> I know this is not answering your actual question, but: it's possible
>> that you've misunderstood how to set up a shared folder between your
>> host & guest, that there was a bug somewhere, that you didn't have Samba
>> installed on your host (assuming Linux host), that your network type in
>> VB is not compatible with network shares, etc.
>> Here's an article I always fall back on when I need to share something
>> across host & guest:
>> http://dedoimedo.com/computers/virtualbox-network-sharing.html
>> - -- Kind regards,
>> Xandor Schiefer
>> 079 706 5620
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