[ubuntu-za] Migrating to Linux

Miles msdomdonner at gmail.com
Tue May 12 07:28:27 UTC 2015

On 12/05/2015 09:12, Jan Greeff wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have installed Lubuntu but it appears as if the available software
> packages differ quite a bit from Ubuntu.
> For example, I could not find the first packages that I wanted, i.e.
> Libre Office and Xiphos Bible guide.
> This is very disappointing, or am I missing something?
> Jan
Hi Jan
Install synaptic if it isnt already there, then tick settings 
repositories and see if canonical partners and independent are ticked 
then tick reload and see if libre office doesnt show
> On 03/05/2015 17:35, Lee Sharp wrote:
>> On 05/03/2015 05:16 AM, Miles wrote:
>>> Hi Jan, you cant install 14.04 and then in synaptic or cli install
>>> mate-desktop and on booting you can choose the mate environment
>> You can...  But the 14.04 version is very old (1.6.2) and the 15.04
>> versions is much newer (1.8.2) so a number of bugs have been worked
>> out.  I have tried the 14.04 version and was not happy with it, and
>> used Gnome Panel / Flashback.  But the 15.04 version is very mature
>> and stable so far.  I have not really worked with it yet, but I am
>> liking what I see so far.  Even if it does mean getting off the LTS
>> versions I normally stick to.
>>             Lee
>>Oops sorry, my cant should have been can

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