[ubuntu-za] Firefox hiccups

Adrianna Pińska adrianna.pinska at gmail.com
Fri May 2 16:02:51 UTC 2014

How are you trying to import them? Did you try exporting them to html
from Chrome and importing the html from Firefox?

[This obviously isn't helpful now, but for future reference (and other
people), if you think you're having a problem in Firefox because of
something in your profile, you can test various things without
deleting anything -- you can start in safe mode to see if it's an
extension problem, or start/select a fresh profile by starting Firefox
with the -ProfileManager flag (or just moving the profile directory).

If you do decide to go for the nuclear option and start a fresh
profile, keep the old directory around for a while, in case it turns
out you need something from it (or the problem isn't actually in your
profile at all).]

Adrianna Pińska

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