[ubuntu-za] Downloading update files via script

Raoul Snyman raoul at snyman.info
Fri Nov 8 06:24:18 UTC 2013

>Use sudo apt-get *dist-upgrade*

Firstly, please stop top posting. And don't give me the "phone"excuse either - I'm on my phone and I don't top post. Of your mail client on your phone doesn't allow you to edit the previous mail, get a real mail client.

Secondly, don't use dist-upgrade unless you are upgrading between releases (and even then don't use it, use do-release-upgrade). What the man page means when it says "intelligently" is that it will remove packages which depends on a package which is being upgraded if those packages depend on a previous version of the package being upgraded.

For example, mercurial and mercurial-common are currently held back on my system because if I install them they are going to remove tortoisehg, because it depends on a previous version of those packages. If I used dist-upgrade, I would no longer have one of my most essential tools.

A few years back I thought I was being clever and used dist-upgrade and ended up removing most of KDE.
Raoul Snyman
raoul at snyman.info
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