[ubuntu-za] Howto use vodacom vodafone mobile modem K4305

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Subject: [ubuntu-za] Howto use vodacom vodafone mobile modem K4305
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Good day,

OS = ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Have a vodacom vodafone mobile modem K4305

Funny, when used for the first time it connected immediately like a 
wired network out of the box.
This happened for two weeks.
After a system update it refused - not even recognized by the system - 
like offline.

Tested on a Win 7 OS it worked fine after install of software.

I would like some pointers from members who is using/used this modem 
successfully on ubuntu.

I am using a DSL landline when at home this is for travelling.

Johan S

Hi Johan, I had lotsa probs with 3g on 12.04 but someone sent me a
script that fixed all the probs. I will find it and mail it here if you
havent come right yet

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