[ubuntu-za] HPLIP problem

Frans de waal meesterarend at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 14:17:59 UTC 2013

If it's a multi function printer, you can make an copy of something to
check, or try holding the power button to make an test page from the
On Dec 29, 2013 4:13 PM, "Jan Greeff" <jan at verslank.net> wrote:

> This made sense, I tried it but the problem remains. Frans da Waal
> suggested a possible hardware problem (cartridge) and I am beginning to
> think that he may be correct.
> On 29/12/2013 11:13, Miles wrote:
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>> Good day, is there somebody out there that can help me with my HP6313
>> All-In-One printer colour calibration? All colour printing comes out
>> purple. I think that I messed up when I tried to play around with the
>> color calibration settings, which do not seem to work except that the
>> purple problem started directly after.
>> I tried to reset the printer to default, posted the question on HPLIP
>> Launchpad, no luck.
>> On color calibration there is a page that says "choose the numbered
>> colored box that best matches the background color" but nothing on that
>> page activates when you click, except for the dropdown menu that selects
>> numbers from 1 to 21 but this does not seem to have any effect anywhere.
>> Best wishes,
>> Jan
>> haha hi there Jan. Here is just a guess as I dont have a printer. Look
>> in home, might need to view hidden. see if you see a hp file there.
>> might be .hp or .hpconf or something. copy that to desktop or something
>> then delete it in home and aptitude reinstall the printer stuff. or come
>> ask the guys on irc. but not many there on a Sunday morning.
>> Good luck
>> Miles
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