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Mon Nov 26 11:24:25 UTC 2012

One must differentiate a person's achievements from their behaviour. Great
achievements never justify atrocious bahaviour, thats self righteousness.
The greatness of Mandela seems to be his very humility, which makes him
even greater.

 I came across RMS's tirades before ever knowing what he had done which
means his reputation precedes him. One report I read spoke of him tearing
into a 12 yrs old kid as he was trying to thank the "great" RMS for what
he'd done, said Linux instead of Gnu/Linux. This interview redeemed him
quite a bit for me, which made me think of our own Shuttleworth who
generally refuses to hop on the bandwagon of insulting everyone and believe
there's enough space for everyone in the software world. This is very
Mandela-like and Ubuntu like according to the philosophy thats been
recently written by people such as UJ philosopher Thad Metz.

I noted the community pledge when signing up, something along the lines of
not insulting or being disparaging towards another. This is good, not to
stoke fires even further, but I've heard Shuttleworth say open source.

Does anyone have a definite answer on where Ubuntu sits in this debate or
does it even matter and instead refer to Floss as a term of not taking



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