[ubuntu-za] Re-approval of our LoCo - update wiki page and go to LoCo council meeting Tues 18 Dec 2012

maia grotepass maiatoday at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 11:36:09 UTC 2012

Hello people

It is time for our loco to be re-approved. The benefits of being an
approved LoCo is that we get DVDs and sometimes we get exhibition stuff,
e.g. banner and table cloth.

Our reapproval date is 5 Dec 2012 but the next re-approval meeting
will be Tuesday
18th December 2012, 20:00
 in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. I have put us on the agenda.

To be re-approved we need 2 things:
1. a re-approval application showing the LoCo council that we have been
active in the past 2 years
2. people from the team at the meeting to answer questions and explain
items on the wiki page

I have made the wiki page but we need some details. Even if you don't want
to add anything you can add a testimonial in the last section. Find the
wiki page here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReApprovalApplication2012
Some areas on the wiki page that I need info:
webpage stats
irc stats
mailing list stats
anything else you can think of that shows what we have been doing. We can
make more sub categories if needed. We do however need to keep the
structure of the document the same as the template.

I will be at the LoCo council meeting but anyone who wants to come and give
support would be great as well. I will also send a reminder on this list
for the meeting.

Thanks in advance for all the help through the year and also for helping me
put this document together.


also the approval pages of the previous 2 teams that were re-approved

just more info
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