[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu 1210 problems need to roll back to previous version

Nico Michael nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za
Thu Nov 15 14:58:03 UTC 2012

Hi Adriana

You download the crossover from code weavers
the you buy a license for that

You activate it with your account  ID and Password

And you have that version for life

Until Ubuntu does not let you install the deb no more and then you are bust
It wants me about the dangers of installing the deb and no error message 
is given but no install takes place

Kind Regards

Nico Michael

On 2012-11-15 16:02, Adrianna Pińska wrote:
> I advise against reverting to an older version of Ubuntu.  And yes,
> there are still repositories available, going quite far back (if there
> weren't, installing a full system manually from a bunch of .debs would
> not be very practical).  It's still not a good idea.
> What does "no longer installs" mean?  What error do you get when you
> try to install the .deb? No, the .deb format hasn't changed, but an
> old .deb may not be installable on a new system because of broken
> dependencies.
> How does the licence work?  Do you enter a code into the trial version
> of the application to unlock it?
> I recommend going to the CodeWeavers site
> (http://www.codeweavers.com/) and downloading the .deb for latest
> trial version of Crossover (which is now 11.something).  Install that
> .deb, and see if your code still works.  There is also an "upgrade"
> button on the main page which lets you log in and download the latest
> upgrade your licence entitles you to -- even if the newest version is
> something you'd have to pay for again, there may be an updated .deb
> for your old version.
> If none of this works, I suggest that you contact CodeWeavers support,
> explain the problem and ask them to clarify what you can get with your
> current licence.
> On 15 November 2012 15:34, Nico Michael <nick.michael at ptaisp.co.za> wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I am having Ubuntu 1210 problems need to roll back to previous version
>> I purchased a License for  crossover-standard-demo_10.0.0-1_i386.deb two
>> years ago which was working well on all versions of Ubuntu until
>> i re-rolled my laptop and put Ubuntu 1210 it no longer installes my DEB file
>> I the re-rolled my laptop and put : ubuntu-gnome-12.10-desktop-i386
>> to my horror it also wont let me install my DEB file
>> Has UBUNTU changed their DEB program and format to not be compatible with
>> the DEB files of the last 2 years
>> I was considering to replace my Ubuntu wit Linux mint but to my horror i
>> read the new version to be released this /or next month will be basing their
>> build on Ubuntu1210
>> So I will have the same problem
>> I am going to roll-back my laptop to  the last version before Unity   what
>> ever that animal was called ?
>> Could someone be so kind as to give me a place where I can download DEB
>> files for that as I assume the repositories will now be trashed or
>> incomplete
>> Could someone tell me where I can get complete repositories ? What URLs do I
>> add to my software manager what ever you call that program that tracks your
>> repositories?
>> Is there a web site that keeps the old deb files for the last version before
>> Narwhal  what ever number it was ?
>> And no its got nothing to do with Unity It has to do with compatibility to
>> my existing tools
>> How can I convert my DEB files to the new Ubuntu or does a grown man start
>> to cry  ?
>> Its funny how the more I try to be loyal to Ubuntu the more curved balls
>> fate throws at me.
>> What do you call that ?  its not Kismet ?
>> --
>> Kind Regards
>> Nico Michael
>> http://www.arduino.org.za
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