[ubuntu-za] I want to re install my Ubuntu not upgrade it what is essential to backup

Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Sat Nov 3 18:33:15 UTC 2012

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> it what is essential to backup

> Hi Hilton
> Thanks very much again

> I have updated my backup shell script with what i learned from your
> site

> One program I discovered when installing MintLinux is its came
> standard with is APTonCD
> Now i always install this with my Ubuntu as it allows me to make a
> backup CD or folder with all my installed DEB files

> There are deb files i struggle to find and need to keep backups
> like my Sun(oracle) Java JDK and JREdeb files
> As a developer I cant use the rubbishy Java that Ubuntu distributes
> with their Ubuntu
> It is an Industry standard for all serious Java developers to use Sun
> Java, just a pity "Uncle Mark" did not recognize that

> Then someone will make comments in favor of the Java that I have to
> delete from my Ubuntu every time I install Ubuntu

OpenJDK is exactly that - a free and opensource implementation of Java. Where as the Oracle Java is proprietary and has legally removed the ability for Linux distros to distribute it. So your issue should be taken up with Oracle.

It reminds me of proprietary Unix and IE. Lets see what happens :)

> Kind Regards

> Nico Michael http://www.arduino.org.za

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