[ubuntu-za] 12.10 gripes

Wikus mazal.wikus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 14:06:56 UTC 2012

Afternoon all ,

I have installed 12.10 yesterday. (was on 12.04LTS).
And I am not very impressed. Much slower than 12.04 and buggy and the 
Nvidia drivers doesn't
work , which have always worked before on every version I used since 8 
on a number of different pc's.

My question is , is my pc just getting too long in the tooth for Ubuntu 
? Are they also aiming more at
the high end pc's now ? Or is 12.10 just slow and buggy in general ? Are 
there guys with new pc's that have
no issues ? Or are you also having issues ?
My Specs:
Core2duo 2.8ghz , 4gig ram , Geforce 9800GT 510mb

My biggest gripes is the slowness , Nvidia not working , frequent the 
"System have experienced an error"
messages , and files and folders jumping around while viewing them in 
Are these a "the pc is too old for the os" thing , or is this version of 
Ubuntu just not good ? 12.04 ran without issues.

- Wikus

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